DIY camping/bug out stove

I’ve been really enjoying the crafty side of myself. I’ve been wanting a camping stove for quite awhile and what better way to get one than building it yourself!

I found the instructions here.

First time I used a magnesium flint striker! I almost have up but then a spark caught. Patience and perserverance can start a fire.

It boiled water in about 8 minutes! Best cuppa tea I’ve had in awhile…probably because I made the stove and the fire with my own hands.

Until next time,


Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer.

Madalyn Murray O’Hair


3 thoughts on “DIY camping/bug out stove”

  1. Should you be in the market for a new multitool, I suggest the Leatherman Wave. Though I once had to replace mine [free of charge through to their warranty] due to snapping off the can-opener while leveraging out construction-staples, my Wave has been constantly at my side through camping, construction, cooking, and repairmen work – there is no tool I use remotely to the same extent. I would not suggest other models of Leatherman, as many is simply bad.

    And, having once been limited to a single-speed power-drill [also black & decker, infact] I thought it important to mention that most are adjustable. Ah, and oiling metal helps prevent rust.

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